Buddhafull Creations can offer you the most modern and stylish fashion jewelry at great prices. The best part is that many of the metals used in this jewelry are recycled, which lessons the demand for mass mineral mining that devastates land formation and can poison local inhabitants. Check out our beautiful necklaces made from hand picked and polished recycled copper, brass, and silver, then strung on silver or gold plated chains. Also many of our earrings and necklaces this season are made from recycled and scrap metal. We seek to create fashionable, sustainable jewelry without depleting natural resources and your bank account.

Meet Lauren, a Grassroots CEO

Buddhafull Creations is a line of hand-made jewelry created by Lauren Racusin. Through both Lauren’s global travel and time spend in urban and rural America, Lauren has gained knowledge and taste for diverse aesthetics and lifestyles. But it’s in 2004, as she settled into beautiful Santa Rosa, Northern California, that Lauren first found the inspiration for Buddhafull Creations. “Being in nature, I feel a connection to my creativity. Nature is an incredible source of inspiration for a jewelry designer. Everywhere I see shapes, textures and symmetries that inspire me for my designs”, says the 29-years old designer, who began creating jewelry almost 15 years ago.

But even though nature is at the source of the designs, when looking at the line of earrings, bracelets and necklaces of Buddhafull Creations, its wide appeal for the contemporary, eco-conscious modern woman, either in country or urban setting, is apparent. Lauren believes she shares a common sense of style with such iconic designers as David Yurmam. In as much, Buddhafull Creations blends simplicity of shapes, with sophisticated and unique materials and designs.