Fair Trade and Eco-Friendly Products

At Buddhafull Creations, we take pride in the time we take to “search the world” for handmade products that are eco-consciously produced and fair trade. Fair trade refers to the market-based approach of buying goods or materials in a way that ensures producers and artisans in developing countries are receiving a higher price for their products. In addition fair-trade gives access to otherwise marginalized producers by directing them straight to customers and cutting out middlemen. My fair trade personal favorites this season are my beaded bracelets and high-waist belts, designed by a friend and hand loomed by a family in Indonesia. The beadwork is intricate and unique, adorned with wood and abalone, and because we buy as directly as possible we can purchase fair-trade and offer you a great price.

There are many ways to run a business with a “green” mind, I do this by making and buying materials, metals, goods and jewelry that is both beautiful and environmentally friendly so that you can look good and make a difference in our over-industrialized world! Today much of the fashion jewelry found in department stores and mall boutiques are mass produced by near slave labor and come from environmentally unregulated countries. In the last year massive recalls were placed on such jewelry made for children that contained unhealthy levels of cadmium. Cadmium is a toxic element known to cause nervous system damage!

We seek to create fashionable, sustainable jewelry without depleting natural resources and your bank account.

When you receive compliments on your new jewelry you’ll be able to share its eco-friendly history, inspiring others to be conscious of the way in which many of today’s goods are produced.

My community of local eco friendly conscious hand made fair trade

Recycled Cashmere/ Wool Sweater or Hoodie


Carefully crafted one of a kind designs, recycled wool clothing for adults and children.

TreeBottom was started by soulyluna (figurehead/ director of machine operations), Marshall Brainstorm (chief of designs) and Little Beanie (the little seed behind a big idea). ‘Miss Treebottom’ was the nickname Grandpa Henry lovingly used for his wife in reference to to her maiden name ‘Stump.’ It seemed to fit well with our little family operation, and thus our shop name was born.
Favorite materials
time, wool, cashmere, thread, cotton, pen, paper, dreams, caffeine


Turquoise Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Cuff Bracelet

Miraculous Creations LLC

Hand Sculpted Jewelry & Fine Gems/Minerals for the Collector.

My name is miracle and I have been creating jewelry for more than eleven years. I hand pick the very finest gem and mineral specimens to use in my pieces. I feel that my work represents a state of trance enabling sacred geometry to have another 3d form. All pieces are one of a kind and Hand Crafted as well as numbered!!
Favorite materials
Sterling and fine Silver, Uncut gemstones and minerals


Brass Butterfly Bracelet - Quartz & Agate

Liz Cat Designs

Gemstones, metal, paint handcrafted jewelry

I have been creating beaded jewelry since I was a child, and in 2004 I decided to start creating for the masses. My goal is to create jewelry that is a reflection of nature, culture, and mystery. I work mostly with gemstones, mixed metals, and paint on occasion. Also, I will do custom pieces of any kind. Thank you for checking out my shop and supporting handmade jewelry!


Mixed Naturals with Color

Feathers By Gypsy

Hand Bundled Feather Hair Extensions and Jewlery

Feather hair extensions are a safe and fun way to alter the look and texture of the hair. Loved by all ages… their is a feather look for you too! Go for subtle highlights or a wild all over look with bright colors and evrything in between!


Reusable Gift Bags

The Give Bag

Reusable gift bags

The Give Bag™ is the most revolutionary & eco-chic solution to wasteful & disposable gift packaging.The Give Bag™ is infinitely reusable because of its innovative, patent-pending erasable/rewritable Give Tag™ gift tags. Turning gorgeous gift bags into an earth-saving solution, the Give Bag™ features an interior material flap that covers the gift enclosed, eliminating the need for wasteful tissue paper and a see-through pocket showcases one of three attached decorative erasable gift tags & an erasable pen.


Dolls Of Cuteness By Eleni Georgiene

Dolls Of Cuteness

Handcrafted dolls and custom cake toppers

Dolls of Cuteness and handmade by Eleni Georgiene and Inspired by Kokeshi Dolls from Japan, Styles on the streets, urban art and all kinds of other cuteness! Check them out, Share with friends!!- You Never Know When Cuteness Will Find You! All of my work ( Dolls, photos, artwork, crafts, etc.) represented on my website, facebook, my online store, and elsewhere, are protected by copyright. Please do not use for commercial use. Thank you! COPYRIGHT ELENI NICHOLAS 2009-2011. Please email me at elemeni@hotmail.com.


Earth Dance Herbals

Earth Dance Herbals

Woman-owned handmade herbal and nutrition business specializing in body products, tinctures and herbal consultations.

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Lilly Hoodie

Nectar Creations

Locally designed yoga and casual wear

Nectar is a creation that has been underway for many years. In 1997 the creator of Nectar started spending over half of every year abroad, playing, exploring, creating and falling in love with a culture far from her own. Within this new found love for asia and beyond there became a need to create a business that would sustain her travels and life.